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4-sensor parking assist system with rearview mirror display

CP10 set is a proven and convenient parking assist system. Information about the obstacles is displayed on a discrete LCD monitor, integrated into a clip on rear view mirror. Inactive display is not visible to the driver, it turns on after using the reverse rear. At the same time a built-in buzzer alerts the driver by emitting a beep (the frequency of the beep indicates the distance).

All M-Tech parking sensors are characterized by a very low failure rate and easy installation that does not require a visit to the garage. Sensors can be painted the color of the car and it doesn’t affect their performance.

The set includes:

·4 sensors
·Rearview mirror with built-in buzzer
·Control Unit
·Hole saw
·Mounting elements


Mirror dimensions: width 28cm, height 8,6cm
Sensor diameter: 21,5 mm
Voltage: 12V DC
Power input: < 4W
Sensor ultrasonic frequency: 40 KHz
Covered distace: 3,0 m to 0,3 m
Connection method: wired
Measuring error: +/- 5cm
Range of temperatures: -30°C to +70 °C
Admissible bumper incline degree: +/- 5°